Rogelio Lerma • Operations Manager
Rogelio Lerma

Operations Manager

"As Operations Manager, I am truly grateful for the opportunity to build a company that reflects my own values for service and commitment to our clients. Successful sports teams assign their players the best position. I have organized our company so that our employees are always in the best position to assist our customers. My work is my passion and my word is my commitment."
Juan Carlos Lerma • Sales Manager
Juan Carlos Lerma

Sales Manager

"As Sales Manager, I enjoy the time that I am able to spend with each of our clients. This provides an opportunity for me to better understand each customer's needs and to share ideas and potential solutions. We care about each customer and are always ready to respond. I look forward to continued growth and a bright future within the company."
Andres Aguilar • Field Service Technician
Andres Aguilar

Field Service Technician

"As a Field Service Technician, my primary responsibility is to provide technical support for our customers. I feel fortunate to have this position and I enjoy the opportunity to work directly with each customer in the field. This allows me to provide an excellent level of service for each of our clients. I am happy to be a part of this team and proud to represent BRL."
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